About Us

We create beautiful framework for fine art, keepsakes, posters, photos, kids’ art, awards, even musical instruments! If you want to preserve it in a frame or shadow box, we will help you find the best solution.

Sue Runkle has been active in the custom framing business for 20 years. In 2009 she purchased Inside Angles. The business has gone through some changes, Inside Angles is now the ONLY mobile framing business in Toledo!

She brings a variety of experience to the custom framing world. Her love for people and life translates well in the design process. She apprenticed under Lisa Kochheiser for a decade and still consults with Janice Dempster, the Inside Angles’ “founding framer.”

Sue loves custom framing, especially when it is used to display cherished and beautiful things. Custom framing brings out the best in art, and in people. From the interactive design process to the final unveiling, it is personal and fun. Sue gets excited about every project, and never tires of the satisfaction she still feels when her customers fall in love with their finished product.

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