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This painting by Kathleen Chaney Fritz came to us on canvas. Many prints can be purchased on canvas.

The 36 x 40 inch image has a fillet and two frames finishing it off.

These four images came together on one poster. We cut them apart and framed them separately.

A set of 4 moderately sized pieces are much more versatile than 1 very large piece. They can be hung together as a large display, or separately to tie a room or home's overall design together.



  Recent Projects  

Inside Angles cooperates with local artists. This wedding invitation is the result of one such collaboration. We created the mat and framing design, Carol Zenz, a floral artist, created the arrangement around the invitation. Carol sells her many pressed floral arrangements in area craft sales. This invitation was a loving gift for her grandson and she can make something like it for you too! Contact us if you are interested in having a piece of your own treated similarly.

This poster about Hope was one which hung in the local Democratic Headquarters during last year’s presidential campaign. A simple design perfectly complimented its simple message. The frame is made from recovered material out of old buildings. It is painted and distressed. The mat appears white but is actually a quiet shade of green.
The woman reading in a chair is exquisitely presented in a bi-colored frame, suede mat with filet, and white under-mat.
This canvas print depicting a graceful female form radiates beauty in its wide, shiny, scooped wooden frame. The hand-wrapped silk liner next to the image looks as soft and rich as the image it swaddles.


  Prized Possessions    
This small Mexican souvenir sat in its owner's home for years before he brought it in to be framed. He always wanted to do something with it, but could never decide exactly what. We outfitted it with a custom cut mat raised inside a shadow box to give this folk art the extra attention it deserves!

A pastor brought this project to us. It was donated by one of the church’s founding members but when the pastor went to move it, the unit fell apart. All three of the image parts had to be removed from old plywood sections. While this is not a priceless masterpiece, it was worth it to the congregation to have their historic artwork properly preserved and displayed. The pastor nearly cried when he saw it for the first time. He hung it back in its rightful place in the church on the Saturday before Easter in 2009 where the congregation can enjoy it indefinitely.



  Before and After
Mask Before
Mask After

A pair of plaster masks came into Inside Angles in some very old, sun-bleached shadow boxes. You can see in the Before image above, the shadow box is yellowed with age, the mats' colors are washed out, and the design is dated.

Our client wanted to go in a different direction and create a more modern, Asian-inspired design that related to her masks more than the previous design. The new shadow boxes are conservation quality and will preserve the rich color of the hand wrapped mats behind. We also added a modern black frame to the box, giving it a tailored look that, paired with this particular piece, appears more finished than the original design, where the shadow box laid directly on the wall.



  Commercial Projects  
We recently finished this group of collage pieces for the Toledo Area Red Cross. We were thrilled to be part of their relocation. Each piece has been double matted and put under UV protected glass
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This piece holds three large photos, arranged in a custom cut double mat
This is more three-dimensional than its counterpart, some of the items are under the mat and some mounted on top of the mat. Additional mats around the entire circumference create the open space needed to allow the antique ribbons on the programs to hang freely.
The metal frame for the volunteer’s uniform has a deeper profile than the others. The uniform is neatly folded and sew-mounted to the mat. The surrounding mats are lifted to allow the uniform to appear suspended within the frame.


  Sue's Collection
These two works have been richly framed to showcase their best qualities. The silver frame brings out the sparkling depth of the flowers and allows the piece to shine without looking out of place. The ship to the right, however, needs to be pulled out of its frame, as opposed to looking at home within. The gold edges fillet, and deeply colored woodwork anchor the piece within the room, reflect its highlights and help bring its imagery to life.
The pair of pieces above demonstrate how frames have both aesthetic and intrinsic value. Photos, and the occasional news item, of our children can hold our most precious memories. The pieces above show different directions we can take them in, but still communicate the same things. To the left, a trip to The Blade in the early 80's resulted in a photo and blurb in The Peach section. The clippings are given a retro finish to compliment their newsprint appearance, as well as the time from whence they came. To the right, grandchildren's portraits are nestled lovingly into double mats and a glossy natural colored wood frame. These two kids are the essence of home and the simple, yet dynamic, framework reflects just that.
The above line drawings crave a modern presentation. Their stark appearance requires a strong contrast with added softness so they may compliment, rather than overpower their sparse subjects. What these images cannot show is the rich texture on each of these mats. These fine details bring a simple deeply hued mat to the next level and add the interest to properly showcase easily overlooked, yet intriguing pieces.
These fun pieces, created by kids, have received the royal treatment. What were, originally, two well-loved nick knacks that can be found in just about anyone's home are now artfully displayed and the pieces preserved, not to mention the memories. The Asian-inspired papier mache mask is mounted on a lush red mat, framed in gold, and protected in an acrylic shadow box from the years of dust all that glitter can collect. The sweet clothes pin angel appears to float in the clouds within a simple silver frame that brings out her beaded embellishments and does not compete with her already complex design.
These two works of student art demonstrate how the relationship between framework and art can transform otherwise lackluster, however sentimentally valuable, works into real showstoppers. The portrait is no masterpiece, but with its piecemeal wooden frame, it is deeply complimented and catches the eye like never before. The still life is an obvious experiment with impressionism. However, the luscious frame draws out the beautiful golden tones, creates contrast and sophistication with a gallery style molding, and truly enhances the best features of the piece.


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