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Frames 101

Here you will find a simple guide to framework. Click any menu item to go directly to its definition and examples, or just scroll through them all! Most people’s initial question is, "How much will it cost?" The answer is, "Just as each custom framing image is unique, so is its cost." Design holds many variables so quoting an exact cost without an exact design or size is impossible. The designers at Inside Angles take many things into consideration when helping you choose the perfect framework. We question the customer about their desired style, color, size and also cost. Just let us know if you are on a budget. Glance through this information and contact us if you have any questions.

At Inside Angles, one of our specialties is finding the right image. We have several sources for acquiring original art and quality reproductions. If you are not sure what to frame, just look around your home. We suggest:

  • Treasured photographs and other memorabilia with sentimental value
  • Vacation Photographs
  • Awards and keepsakes
  • Family heirlooms

If you have things to frame; great! You'll be surprised what treasures you'll find in your cupboards and drawers. Family photos old and new, keepsakes, heirlooms, memorabilia, students' art, diplomas or certificates, well-printed calendar art, or an old book in need of preservation. These often make the best images and objects to decorate your home.

We are especially good at reframing existing art. An updated design could be all your art needs to earn its way back to being your favorite image again.

Inside Angles also stocks a small amount of original art, limited edition prints, and gicleé images for sale. They are a great inspiration for people who aren't sure exactly what they're looking for. We have an extensive library of print catalogues and can order any specific piece you're looking for.

There is never a rush at Inside Angles, we will take our time to help you find exactly what you want.

No matter what you choose to frame, we will help you choose the right combination of materials and techniques to make the best display, in a style that is distinctly yours. Our customers range greatly in their personal styles from contemporary or eclectic to traditional or rustic. We are the best at helping our diverse clientele find their favorites among the hundreds of samples in our shop.

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Inside Angles Custom Framing Gallery houses hundreds of mat samples in a multitude of colors and textures. Some are printed or pressed textures but others include silk, linen, satin, leather and suede. We carry mats made from a variety of materials to provide the most choices for archival consideration and cost.

Custom Mat with Pressed Flowers

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One of the more recent developments in custom framing is the bevel accent. It is applied to the beveled cut of a mat opening, adding accent color and a terrific dimensional look.

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Fillet Demonstration

You can achieve a fine finished look with a tiny piece of framework called a fillet. A fillet fits inside the opening of a mat or can be fit into the lip of a frame. Fillets are available in a multitude of styles and finishes, and provide an amazing dimensional element that accents both the artwork and the frame. It’s a fabulous look, and it just happens to be one of our specialties!

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"Wow! You have an incredible selection of frames!" That’s something that we hear a lot when people walk into our shop for the first time. We really do. Our frame selection runs a broad range of styles and finishes. Whether your taste runs contemporary, transitional or traditional, formal or casual, we will be able to put your artwork in the perfect frame.

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Did you know that now there are alternatives to the old decision between regular glass and non-glare glass?  In fact, we seldom sell either of those two types of glass any more.

Conservation Glass is the new standard as it provides UV protection without much additional expense.

Museum Glass is the newest and most exceptional glass product to come to the framing industry. Museum Glass is by far the ultimate choice in glazing. It is so anti-reflective that it’s virtually invisible, and it filters 99% of UV rays!

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Shadow Box

We can put almost anything in a frame using shadow box techniques. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll take it from there. We have framed antique keys, bug collections, show ribbons, and much more. If you can lift it, we can frame it!

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Shadow Box
Shadow Box

An Acrylic Box is a lot like a shadow box, except you can see your art from any angle.


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